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History of Bagby Airfield
By Philip Lassey

      Credit for the success of Bagby Airfield must go to the people who contributed in one way or another, but it would be difficult to name names. Initially though the person who got the whole thing started was my friend John Whiting. At the time he lived in Thirsk and was looking for a suitable landing area closer to home than was 'Tholthorpe'. So one summer evening he came along with his 'plane and landed in the field, strangely just where the western part of the strip now is. This was just a trial run, but he said it would be perfect, and from there he obtained permission from my father to have a narrow strip much widened.

     The corner of the field where he placed his hanger was occupied by a pile of old tree roots and rabbits. These had to be removed and a small hanger constructed and this is where it all really got started, around about 1971. There was no Airfield access road, we just ploughed through the wet ground as best we could with our cars. Since those happy formative days, many things have happened, making Bagby the success it is today.


    Since my retirement in April 1997 the Airfield has been owned by my nephew John Dundon. 

    I wish him continued success with the operation of the Airfield. I still think that Bagby is the best little Airfield in the Country, and I've been to a few. So, use it, enjoy it, you don't know how lucky you are, and if things have changed a bit since the old days, so be it. Enjoy your flying and above all have fun.

Philip Lassey.


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